Saturday, March 20, 2010

Strawberry Tart Apron

I have something to confess: Until very recently (read: yesterday) I did not own a single apron. I know, shocking. Pixie Mama, if you're reading this, please sit down and have a drink of water before continuing! Anyhow, I've been longing for a cute apron of my own for quite a while. Remember that post I did on Flirty Aprons last week? Yes, it's all very hint hint, I know :-)

So imagine my delight when I came upon the announcement in my Burda Style newsletter that The Sewing Republic Apron Remake Contest was almost over! My mind racing, I considered the prospect of creating an entry. I do work well on a time crunch, after all. I enjoy altering pre-made patterns to fit my own desires. I *needed* a cute apron to cook in! This contest had my name written all over it, clearly.

I headed to JoAnn's yesterday and picked out two adorable prints, both of which happened to be on sale. Okay, no, it wasn't coincidence - I am creative on a limited budget ;-) The total cost came to about $15, with tax. Not bad for 6 yards of material!

Now I'm assuming you already followed the link above and saw a photo of the original Two Tone Apron? No? Well, I'll give you a minute to do that...okay! The original, while cute, is clearly not my style. I may be all athletic and tom-boyish outside the house, but in the kitchen, I'm all about the ruffles and girliness!

<----- Here are the fabrics I chose for my project. I had a little panic attack in the calico aisles trying to decide if the small or large polka dots were the way to go. I ended up choosing the large ones, partly because they were more haphazardly strewn than their small, orderly counterparts. I think I made the right decision.

Bad news if you were hoping for step-by-step pictures: I didn't take any. Sorry! I was so excited about the project I pretty much just sat down and sewed. As you can see, I made quite a few alterations to the original Two Tone Apron. My favorite is that my Strawberry Tart Apron is fully reversible. I don't know why, but fully reversible things excite me, even when there is not too much difference in colors/patterns, as is the case here. Other changes I made include: widening the main apron pieces to allow for more gathering at the waist; curving the lower corners of the apron instead of squaring them off; adding a wide, pleated ruffle around the hem; and finally omitting the pocket. If you want to know the reasoning behind omitting the pocket, as well as see the pictures of the finished project, you'll have to take a look at my published project on Burda Style's web site.

So what do you think? Comments, critiques, want one of your own? Drop me a line and let me know :-)

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  1. I love your apron. Good color choices. I like it better than the demo one. I'd like it if it had a bib part to it. That's my style of aprons. I guess you could improvise one!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog post about OMSI. What part of Oregon did you live in when growing up?
    Take care and come by again for a visit!