My Favorite Blogs

To everything there is a season, right? My season right now is being away from my boys and using that alone (and often lonely) time to wrestle with many things, including living a life more simple. If you need a wake-up call as to how much STUFF you have, it's moving cross-country! So one of my current goals is to streamline things in my life, including my blog and my online activities. So, of course, an edit to the most essential blogs was necessary!

All Buttoned Up - This blogger is a Canadian ex-pat (same as me), now living in Portland, Oregon (where I was raised), and has three adorable boys, two of whom are adopted (okay, I only have one boy, but we are an interracial household, like them). Lots of sewing inspiration, a great sense of the rainy Northwest, and an overwhelming feeling of calm infiltrate my brain when I read this blog.

Life Your Way - Organizing Your Way is a great section of this comprehensive blog. You could spend a whole day exploring this site.

I'm an Organizing Junkie - Laura is definitely a friend in my head, as well as the host of Menu Plan Mondays, which inspired me to start meal planning last year. Great articles on this blog, as well as product reviews and guest posts.

The Pioneer Woman - Ree's life is more country than mine, clearly, but I enjoy the photos, the funny farm stories, and the delicious recipes. 

She's Sew Bloggy - My wonderful sister just launched her blog (finally! woo hoo!). Check it out to learn more about her journey toward simplicity, less stuff more substance, less plastic more cloth, less of her and more of Jesus. I bet you'll soon see why half my heart lives in Seattle!

The Sweet Life - A lovely, well-written blog that makes me wish I was a stay at home mom.

A Thousand Beautiful Things - My friend (in real life, not just my head!) Leischen challenged herself to find five beautiful things a day for 200 days and just kept on going once the challenge was done. She's still posting, people, and the archives are a great read :-)