Sunday, March 14, 2010

Meal Planning - March 15

Spring break is finally here, woo hoo! Even though I still have some clients to see and multiple family doctors appointments to keep, I cannot keep from grinning at the sound of the birds chirping and the sight of sunshine streaming in our apartment windows today. The only thing better than the advent of spring is the advent of spring and time to enjoy it :-)

Here's what our family will be eating this week:

Monday - Beef Stew (made ahead in the crock pot and frozen)

Tuesday - Chicken Fajitas (filling made ahead in the crock pot and frozen)

Wednesday - Lasagna (made ahead and frozen)

Thursday - Potato Soup (made ahead and frozen; I substitute turkey bacon and green onions)

Friday - Chicken Spaghetti (made ahead and frozen)

Saturday - Meatball Soup (made ahead and frozen; I add the noodles while reheating)

Sunday - Baby Burgers

I will also be doing a cook-ahead day sometime this week. I generally do this on Saturdays/Sundays, but with the festiveness of Spring Break, perhaps I'll cook on Thursday or Friday! I know, I'm a wild woman :-)

To whet your appetite, here are a couple pictures I took the last time we had Meatball Soup and Baby Burgers. I don't know if I can wait a whole week to eat them again!

You cannot imagine the meatball-y deliciousness of this soup!

Clearly, my boys prefer colby jack to cheddar cheese

For more delicious meal planning ideas and links to literally hundreds of other bloggers' menus, please visit Laura at I'm an Organizing Junkie.


  1. The pictures to go with your chicken spaghetti recipe are so funny because I am a freak about washing my hands when I cook too! Plus I have issues with raw meat!

  2. Totally! I was raised vegan and meat still grosses me out. I just have to pretend I don't know where it came from, LOL! Pioneer Woman's site is awesome - one of my friends introduced me to it a couple months ago :-)

  3. Great menu for the "made ahead" LOVE it!!!