Sunday, March 7, 2010

Meal Planning - March 8

It's starting to feel like a habit to say this, but: Last week's meal plan didn't go as planned. Monday and Tuesday went fine, but Wednesday rolled around and I had to be at church early, my husband had a late lunch and didn't want me to cook a whole meal, so we ended up eating leftovers. Thursday (spaghetti night) was fine, of course, and then Friday my husband went out with some coworkers and I got stuck in horrible traffic. Thank God for wonderful friends who will pop over to daycare and pick up your child when you call in a panic at 6:20 (10 minutes before closing) because you're still stuck on the freeway, closer to work than home! I didn't make it to their house until 7:15, so I'm estimating the lovely Pixie Mama just saved us about $90 in late pick up fees - wow! Remind me to buy her a latte ;-) Anyhow, Pixie Mama is just that sort of fantastic woman that she not only picked up my child, she also fed him and then proceeded to feed *me* when I showed up all frazzled and road-ragey. As I told her that evening, "You're like my adopt-a-mom...except way too young!" Awesome :-D

Yesterday (Saturday) our son suddenly started complaining of ear pain around 2 in the afternoon. We got him to the drop in clinic within the hour, he had an antibiotic and ibuprofen by 3, but still got a fever, which reached its high point of 102.3 around 12:30 am. Yes, I stayed up with him, and no, I did not cook. My wonderful husband went out and got us Arby's. Funny how many different things life can throw at you to derail your meal plans! Still, I am grateful for God's grace and unexpected lovely things He has given me this week (such as getting to know one of my amazing coworkers better and having a leisurely, in-person visit with Pixie Mama).

Now, on to next week! Here's what my family (hopefully, hee hee) will be eating:

Monday - Shepherd's Pie (made ahead and frozen)

Tuesday - Chicken Fajitas (filling made ahead and frozen)

Wednesday - Macaroni Chili (made ahead and frozen; remember how I planned on having this a couple weeks ago and then couldn't find it in the freezer? I cleaned out the freezer, LOL! Oh, and in case you forgot: I leave out the beans on this recipe)

Thursday - Spaghetti (sauce base made ahead and frozen)

Friday - Salsa Chicken Casserole (made ahead and frozen)

Saturday - Beef Stew (made ahead and frozen)

Sunday - Lasagna (made ahead and frozen)

Are you sensing a theme this week? It is the last week before spring break and all my kids are going on a field trip Tuesday, so I will somehow be squeezing five days worth of sessions into four days. Too bad I can't make myself ahead and freeze *me*! For more menu planning ideas, visit I'm an Organizing Junkie and peruse Laura's Menu Plan Monday section.

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  1. Your menu sounds great. I love making meals ahead of time and freezing them. Makes life so much easier. Have a great week!