Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Medicine I Really Needed

So I thought I knew what I needed to recuperate fully from the great plague of December/January: antibiotics, vitamins to build my immune system, avoiding human contact, lots of yogurt & leafy greens, and plenty of rest (thanks for the advice, doc!). Turns out she forgot to add a few things to the list, though. Thursday night, I was wrestling with whether I should drive up to Tacoma as planned this weekend or not. Besides my nephew's birthday party on Saturday, my Monkey has been in serious Mommy withdrawal this week and I'd promised to make the trip up. My husband was also hoping to spend some time with me. Let's be honest, though: driving about 300 miles roundtrip in less than 3 days is not exactly "taking it easy," so I wasn't sure if I should stay in Portland and rest up or get in the car and go. I finally decided to go, against my better judgment, because I didn't want to disappoint any of the 3 aforementioned guys.

Turns out I made the right choice. Yes, I did spend about 3 hours driving on
Friday and another 3 hours driving today, but in exchange I got 10+ hours of perfectly restful sleep on Friday AND Saturday nights (amazing how much better you sleep in your own bed with your husband next to you, isn't it?), as well as...

A lovely pre-party walk with Monkey, my sister, and her 3 kids in the "wilds" of Seattle.

To help my husband put together the bike Monkey got for Christmas
(complete with tiny, adorable training wheels) and to watch Monkey take his first ride on a beautiful, sunny, Sunday afternoon in Tacoma. You can't use those adjectives often, this time of year!

Look at those blue skies!

One of my mountains, Rainier, popped out to say hi when I was heading back to I-5.

Mt. Saint Helens also was visible as I headed South for Portland. Unfortunately, the bright blue skies turned to crazy-heavy fog around Exit 45, so by the time I crossed the bridge into Oregon I could barely see the car in front of me, let alone Mt. Hood!

Plus my wonderful mother-in-law sent me home with chocolate cupcakes, which I had been craving aaaaaaaallllll week! Yummy!!! I definitely
had more than enough ideas for my Thankfulness Journal this weekend :-)

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  1. Are you originally from Tacoma or Texas, but you're living in Portland? I'm confused. I'm sure the answer is somewhere on your blog. :) I will just have to look for it.

    My sister lives in Puyallup and we both went to PLU in Tacoma!