Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Change Your Life, Change Your Style

My wardrobe is undergoing an unexpected transformation currently. While it has taken me somewhat by surprise, I can't honestly say that I completely dislike the process. It makes sense, I suppose: I turned 30 at the beginning of 2011 and moved 2,102 miles/2 time zones/about a gazillion light years as far as weather conditions and local style go. Dallas, Texas does not mesh well with Portland, Oregon, and fashion is just the tip of the iceberg! So pair those major changes with moving from being a contract board-certified music therapist to a manager of a major agency in my chosen profession - which can be tricky considering I am new to town and younger than most of the contractors I manage, most of the professionals from agencies we contract with, and even most of our clients. Yup. Time for a change.

So what does that mean for my personal style (or lack thereof)? Well, some things will never change: my number one concern was, is, and always will be comfort. I c
an't focus entirely on work if my feet hurt or my waistband is pinching, if I have to constantly pull up my top or tug down my skirt. Also, it's cold here. Like *cold* - SERIOUSLY! And yes, I know that all of you in the Midwest, East Coast, and everywhere North of me are snickering right now, but you have to remember that I've been enjoying (okay, sweltering in) triple-digit temperature for quite a few years now and my inner Oregonian has perhaps been sweated out. Brrrrr!

So my closet, once full of Bermuda shorts, capri pants, cap-sleeve blouses, sandals, and sundresses is suddenly becoming a haven for ankle-length leggings, long-
sleeve layering tees, heavy wool sweaters, maxi skirts, jersey skirts, slacks, flats, long scarves, and wooly mittens. Did I mention I'm freezing? And that I bought *two* wool jackets back in the Fall? It's certainly a change from the past few years of hot flashes and dripping sweat rivulets! But I don't want to be boring, you know? I need inspiration and to find the perfect way to make Professional Emily look as smart as we know she is, but still keep Personal Emily warm and comfortable until it's time to go home and change back into my normal clothes (aka sweats & an old tee of my husband). My INTENTION is to look like a grown up and to feel like me. Point me in the right direction, people! I need help!

See? I have skirts! Warm, comfortable, made-by-me skirts!

Subtract the baby bump and the necklace and this could be me on a typical day. Note: This isn't me, though! Thanks for pointing out that I was unclear there, Rachel :-) flats...I love them all!

Yes, please!

This is not me - but I would wear this! Just add something warm over that tee

...and, finally, the ubiquitous comfy Portland scarf


  1. A good pair of boots that go with everything, underarmor and fleece, thick pants, lined pants, and a spicy drink to warm you from the inside and bikram yoga.

  2. we count fleece in the "professional" realm of fabrics, Angie? I mean, I know we're in Portland, but...really? I definitely need your help when it comes to finding some cute boots!

  3. you ,look beautiful in your skirt!! and the necklace is super pretty!:D

    1. Ooooh, I wish could take credit for being that adorable woman, Rachel! Sadly, I am not the keeper of such cuteness - or a baby bump, currently! Thanks for stopping by and commenting :-)