Monday, January 23, 2012

An Unexpected Romantic Gesture

I feel like such a giant whiner even bringing this up, but it is hard for me to be apart from my husband this year. I am someone who really feels the emotions of others best through physical touch and experiences - a kinesthetic, visual learner by nature. When my husband isn't here, I don't get my fill of hugs and kisses. Regardless of how many "I Love You"s I receive over the phone, via Skype, via text or email, I still miss the hugs and kisses.

We got into a big argument last week. I'll spare you the gory details, but suffice it to say that Snowpacolypse 2012 manage to throw a wrench into our otherwise well-laid plans for spending the weekend together. Hmm, that's a pretty decent little synopsis, actually. You don't really need to read the angry text messages or hear about the heated Skype conversations. So.

I guess one benefit of living apart is the built-in physical buffer (160 miles, in our case) when you need cool-down time. Nearly two days went by as I seethed and he...what? I didn't know. I supposed he was still trapped in Snowpacolypse, but I didn't really think that I cared, at that point. Fighting with my husband really brings out the 5-year-old in me. After working a short day Friday (7 hours), I headed home and began my great scanning/shredding mission in earnest. It was slow going, but it needed to be done. Saturday morning, I woke up and was very excited to have my first *me* day in several months. After running errands for a few hours, I had lunch with a couple of friends, and then headed home again to continue scanning/shredding. Oh, it was a relaxing day!

Sunday began much like Saturday, with scanning/shredding and folding laundry. But then, be still my heart, came the romantic surprise. My husband appeared on my doorstep. He drove five hours roundtrip to spend only a few hours with me. First he scrubbed my bathroom within an inch of its life. Then he shredded the giant stack of papers I had already scanned and took out the paper bags full of shreddings to the recycling bins. We took a great trip to Baja Fresh for spicy sustenance, then watched a chick flick and cuddled on the coach. Perfect mini-date with my husband? Yes. Amazing, romantic surprise? Yes. Pretty much the best way of "showing" me the apology he'd already verbalized? *YES*

I'm all atwitter with romantical feelings!

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