Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Snooooooow Daaaaaaay!!!

[Note: This post was written on Sunday morning]

What is it about snow? The sheer joy and excitement of the world covered in a beautiful white blanket of cold, fluffy, icy flakes - it's irresistible! My sweet baby is outside having a snowball fight with my bigger boy right now. Apparently, 33 is not too old to wage a backyard battle with your offspring. As for me, I'm watching the Golden Girls on TV and the snow falling through the window. My amazing mother-in-law made big, fluffy pancakes and garnished them with blueberries for breakfast. I can neither confirm nor deny inhaling four of them in quick succession. There's now a homemade pot of spaghetti sauce simmering on the stove in preparation for tonight's dinner. Mmmm...there are definite gastric advantages to having three generations living under one roof.

My dear husband is getting restless now. He's definitely the get-out-and-do-something person at our house and bad weather seems to just magnify these desires. Me? I'm more of a homebody. If I had my sewing machine up here with me this weekend and a stash of fabric, I'd be happy to sit by the window and sew until bedtime. Yup. Now *that* sounds like a wonderful snow day to me!

Marriage is all about compromise, though, right? So I will choose to enjoy my husband's restless-in-bad-weather side and get myself bundled up for a little trip to...who knows? Movies? Bowling? Last year we braved an ice storm in Dallas to go to a local mall and walk around for a couple hours. Getting there was a bit nail-biting, for me, but we did have a grand time once we arrived safely. It's rare to be in a mall in DFW with the corridors & stores nearly empty - glorious!

It does make me thankful, though, that we live in a part of the country that rarely gets snow. I'm not sure I could stand a few solid months of restless husband syndrome every day, LOL

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