Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Can a Care Package Include Tulle? Please?

So today has been an interesting day. I've taken three 5-hour naps over the last 24 hours so, while I'm not feeling fully rested (or on any kind of normal sleep schedule), I am awake and functional enough to get some report editing done for work. Last week was billing, this week is report editing/delivering to our clients - thank goodness some of this work can be done from home with a reliable internet connection! I also tried Skyping in to the office this afternoon so I could follow along with one of my coworkers meeting with our interns - that did not go as well. One of the drawbacks of having your offices housed in an historic (100+ years old) building is that the internet connections are not amazing. Plus, since it's a community space, we currently share bandwidth with any Tom, Dick, or Harry who's logged on with his laptop somewhere in the building. Not an ideal internet situation!

I talked to my boss via telephone earlier today and she reminded me to take it easy, even though I will no doubt begin to feel "restless" as my symptoms subside over the next 24-48 hours. It's amazing to have someone already know you so wel
l after less than 6 months with a company, I tell you what! I am feeling a little restless, already, but not so much physically as creatively. My sleep is restless (due to the cough) and I wake up with my brain overflowing with cotton and thread and jersey knits and tulle...oh, the tulle. There is a plain, blue-gray, $2 from Value Village jersey knit jumper hanging on the hook outside my closet. It has been hanging there for several days and it is *mocking* me. Come on, Emily...upcycle me! I have a plan. It involves black sleeves, bringing up the neckline in the same black jersey, and then wrapping the whole thing in layers and braids of black tulle. Yes, that's right, tulle for everyday. I have a dream! Unfortunately, I have no tulle.

What do you think are the odds of someone bringing me a care package, like, now? With maybe some chicken soup, a DVD I haven't watched, and...tulle?

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  1. too bad I'm not still there :-(. maybe Dad or Connie will take pity on you...