Thursday, April 22, 2010

Would This Make You Cry?

I seriously, no joke, bawled like a small child this evening. Thursday is generally the one day of the week my husband and Monkey get home before me, as my last client's session goes until 5:45. My husband had texted me around 5:30 ("I'm getting pizza for dinner") so I was actually looking forward to kitchen-stress-free evening. Imagine my surprise when I got home, went to get a drink of water, and found the top of my beloved blender sitting on top of the left rear element of the stove, completely *MELTED*!!! The worst part, other than no breakfast smoothie tomorrow morning? We are now down to only 2 working burners on the stove, as one of the other burners received a similar treatment (involving a plastic bag, though) about six months ago. Between this and the lack of counter space in our teeny-tiny apartment, I'm about to go over the domestic edge.

Does anyone know how much burner elements cost these days? :-(

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