Sunday, February 5, 2012

Mommy Day

I'm sitting in a nail salon, literally waiting for paint to dry. On my toes. Also watching my sweet husband and Monkey Boy goof off on the couch across the salon. They made the 3 hour drive this morning to spend a little over 24 hours with me, even though husband and I are both feeling a little under the weather (Allergies? Cold? Who knows?) and Monkey apparently talked the ENTIRE way down. Husband requested going for pedicures (his angry feet require regular professional attention) and going to buy a pair of sneakers for Monkey, who continues to grow by leaps & bounds (no sales tax in Oregon, remember - it adds up!). But then, apparently, we are having a MOMMY DAY - i.e. I am to decide what we should do as a family. Fun! Unexpected! After working 53 hours this week and barely making time for 2 phone calls with my boys, I hardly feel like I deserve such kindness. I am grateful for their grace in showing me love this weekend, when I do not feel deserving of it, yet I so desperately need it. Thank you, my boys, for being sweet & kind & loving me unconditionally.

Progress is being made with the knitting project!

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