Friday, February 17, 2012

Flowers & Friday

Yes. It's Friday. It's *FRIDAY*. It's Friday and I am done with work for the week...sort of. It seems like complicated work situations generally arise on my half-days or days off. Oh well. I'm *mostly* done with work for the week. And, after I finish my lunch and make a few more phone calls, I will be *really* done with work for the week and ready to pack up a little overnight bag for the little romantic weekend I have planned with my dear husband. He will arrive on the train from Tacoma around 9 pm tonight and, first thing tomorrow morning, we are taking off for a secret location (still within the state of Oregon, I will say that) where we will sight-see, bum around, and spend a lovely night in a romantic hotel room (which I secured for a song more than a month ago) before heading back to Portland Sunday mid-day so he can take the train back up to Tacoma on Sunday evening. Then! After only 1.5 days of work for me next week (woo hoo!) I am heading up to Tacoma on Tuesday evening to spend a blissful FIVE WHOLE DAYS with my boys, perfectly planned to coincide with Monkey's mid-winter break, aka - he and I will have Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday together. Yay!

Now, I of course need to mention those lovely flowers picture above. My only regret is that you can't smell them through the computer screen because, oh my goodness, they are *fragrant*! I didn't have a chance to blog on the day of, but my 31st birthday was this past Tuesday, February 14. It was a great day and I felt quite overwhelmed by the demonstrations of love I received from family and friends, including homemade chocolate cupcakes, flowers, a pretty yellow scarf, phone calls, cards in the mail, and of course posts on my Facebook page. I can only hope that 31 will be even more fantastic than the wonderful year 30 was - here's hoping!

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