Thursday, December 29, 2011

A Quick Post About a Quick Project

All of my friends who are giving birth this year seem to be creating boys. While I'm a big fan of boys (let's be honest, being a boy mom is AWESOME!), I haven't had any cause to sew ruffles on baby clothes at ALL this year. Okay, yes, so I'm being slightly melodramatic, but let's be honest: while boys are super-fun to raise, girl clothes are generally more interesting to create. There! You know my gender biases now!

Anyhow, this week I was inspired to try a no-fastener baby shirt for one of my colleagues' newish (born around Thanksgiving) baby boy. Since his daddy has a good, Scottish surname and I have loads of Highland dance-related remnants, I decided to give it a shot using a lovely, soft, white jersey knit for the shirt and with tartan, woolen trim. What do you think?

The deep v-neck on the front ensures that you can pull the shirt over McBaby's head without any kind of fasteners required. Since he's not quite old enough for his first kilt, this McShirt will have to keep him tartan-happy for a few months.

I found a free pattern for a lovely no button shirt in size 3-6 months on Suzy's site, voor nop (originally in Dutch). Suzy has many more free patterns posted for simple baby clothes, as well. You can see an overview here. This was a great, simple project, that only took a few hours from pattern pinning to finishing the last hems. I can't wait to see how it looks on little McBaby!

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