Sunday, December 11, 2011

Made Up for Monkey

I'm trolling the internet for inspiration on how to make a scarf that looks like the cartoon cheetahs from the Wild Kratts web site for Monkey's Christmas present. While up in Tacoma visiting my boys this weekend, Monkey informed me that I have a scarf, Daddy has a scarf, but he is sadly scarf-less. Hmmm, I said out loud, perhaps I should make you a scarf for Christmas, then? OH, YES!!! was the overwhelming response. So here I am, trying to figure out the details. Luckily, I didn't mention the cheetah idea to Monkey during the aforementioned discussion. If worst comes to worst, I'll go with something a little less complicated.

Part two of my presents to Monkey will be a handmade journal, with all different types of cool paper and even a few writing prompts. He isn't crazy about writing in school, but he is always coming up with great stories and observations about the world around him. Last year I brought home a little ready-made journal left over from an activity I did with one of my students and Monkey claimed it immediately. A few weeks later, I found it on his bookshelf, filled to the brim with tales from school, jokes, things he wanted to do that summer, and plans for his birthday party. Yup, that's my kiddo :-)

As for my husband, everything I've gotten for him so far is not appropriate to be opened in front of family. And that's all *you* are hearing about those gifts, as well! Hmm...something family appropriate for husband...any ideas?

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