Monday, February 14, 2011

Meal Planning - February 14

I know I'm a little late with meal planning today but, you know, it is my 30th birthday today. Since I'm entering a new decade and all, I guess it's okay to cut myself a little slack ;-) If you need more ideas for meals, drop by I'm an Organizing Junkie and see what literally hundreds of other bloggers have linked up this week! Here's what we'll be eating:


Lunch - Turkey on ciabatta, apple slices, carrot sticks (and might I say, this lunch was yummy!)

Dinner - Lasagna Soup (made ahead & frozen; I just added the noodles & cheese and the whole thing has 5 more minutes to simmer...I'm drooling from the smell!)


Lunch - Leftover enchiladas, string cheese, orange

Dinner - BBQ Chicken (prepared ahead & frozen; will go in the slow cooker Tuesday morning)


Lunch - Leftover BBQ Chicken sandwiches, apple slices, yogurt

Dinner - Potato Soup (made ahead & frozen)


Lunch - Turkey on wheat bread, string cheese, carrot sticks

Dinner - n/a (bowling league night)


Lunch - School Lunches

Dinner - Spaghetti & meat sauce, garlic bread

Next weekend we will hopefully have a date night to celebrate my birthday (we've found it's pretty difficult to get a table anywhere on the 14th!). I will unfortunately be attending the funeral of the owner of our dance studio's daughter; she died last Saturday, at the age of 38, from complications of H1N1. It happened so suddenly and she was so healthy, we're all still in shock. Rest in peace, Mindy. We're all dancing for you.


  1. I've never heard of Lasagna soup before; it sounds delicious! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Once we added the cheese, Valerie, it turned out to be much more dense than I expected, hardly a soup at all! It really reminded me more of skillet lasagna, if you've ever had that, but very moist. It was soooo good I burned my tongue, LOL!

  3. the lasagna soup sound YUMMY! i am adding it to my menu! thanks for sharing!