Saturday, October 2, 2010

Welcome, October!

I don't know about you, but I am super-excited for October. Yes, it means cooler weather approaching, but after one of the hottest, and steamiest summers in recent memory in DFW, we are ready for the fall chill to arrive! Did I mention it is close to 90 degrees today? Plus, there's just something much more satisfying about October than September to me. August is a big month, school starting and all, but September just seems like a place marker until October arrives. To me, anyway :-)

Monkey Boy and I began our celebration of all things October with a visit to our local Calloway's Nursery, where they were hosting a free Fall Festival for local children. Monkey got to pick a pumpkin and decorate it using provided craft supplies (see picture above). Mr. Pumpkin (as he was named) is now sitting on our patio, scaring off potential intruders. That's right, Mr. Burgler, all eight eyes trained on you, and don't LET him twitch his feather mustache!

It was our first visit to a nursery, and Monkey was intrigued. After he completed the decorating, took a spin in the bounce house and got a cup of popcorn, Monkey decided it would be a good idea for us to take a walk around the nursery and look at all the plants. Perhaps he has managed not to inherit my or Daddy's gray thumbs! I figure it might be fun to take a trip back another day and ask about some hardy plants to live on our patio table. Currently, we are a plant-free family. Some days, it's hard enough keeping the child alive without worrying about things that can't ask for food or water if we forget to give it to them!

Now, off on an impromptu shopping/people watching trip with my boys. There are so many good areas for this in Dallas! Not sure if anything will be bought today, but I could use some cotton leggings to pair up with short dresses for work. Makes it much easier to work with the children when everything is decent, but I'm sooo tired of getting runs in the tight-like leggings. Bring on the cotton knits and, in a few weeks, sweaters!

How are you and your family celebrating the change in seasons?

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