Monday, October 11, 2010

Meal Planning - October 11

Today all three of us have the day off from school. My district is having a staff training day, Monkey Boy's district is having Fair Day, complete with free tickets (yes, the State Fair of Texas is a big deal in DFW!), and I'm not really sure why my husband's district is closed, but they are. Columbus Day, maybe? Who knows. The point is, I plan on getting a lot of paperwork and cleaning done! Husband's plans seem to include going to the movies and going bowling. Monkey just wants to talk all day, LOL. I also got quite a big of cooking done this weekend. My freezer, which was down to a scant 10 dinners, is now bursting with 21 meals, with 3-4 more to be added today. Makes me hungry just looking at it!

So here's what we'll be eating this week:


Monday - Leftovers from the weekend (nice that we don't have to pack today!)

Tuesday - Turkey sandwiches, carrot sticks, applesauce

Wednesday - PB&J, string cheese, apple slices

Thursday - Leftover spaghetti for Mommy & Daddy/Mac & Cheese for Monkey, carrot sticks, frozen Gogurt

Friday - Chicken enchiladas for Mommy & Daddy/PB&J for Monkey, apple slices, chips


Monday - Sweet & Tangy Pot Roast in the slow cooker (I'll be preparing that as soon as I post this - I love it when my appliances work hard for me all day!)

Tuesday - Chicken Spaghetti (made ahead & frozen)

Wednesday - Spaghetti with meat sauce (sauce made ahead & frozen)

Thursday - n/a (we eat out on bowling league night)

Friday - Salsa Chicken in the slow cooker (made ahead & frozen)

Saturday - Potato Soup (made ahead & frozen)

Sunday - Baby Burgers

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  1. Hi, I'm visiting (now following) from MPM! Your menu looks great this week! I've got to try the chicken sounds wonderful. What do you freeze it in? Do you put it in a low heat oven to warm it? Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hi Holly! Nice to "meet" you :-) I use these guys --> for freezer storage for no specific reason other than they fit well in my freezer. I have to cook everything at 25 degrees below what the recipe calls for, as our oven runs hot. The joys of living in an apartment, LOL!