Sunday, October 24, 2010

Meal Planning - October 24

I'm starting to think that I actually prefer ignoring my kitchen during the week and then staging a hostile takeover each weekend. It's gross, I know, but it's much more satisfying to take it from icky to pristine than to work on it each and every single freaking day. Okay, yes, I will not give in to this base instinct of living in periodic filth, but it sure felt good to say it to you!

In other news, Einstein's Bagels was doing a punch card promotion during the past couple months, so I was rewarded for my "bad morning" bribes (a bagel, schmear, and iced coffee sure makes it easier to drag my tired behind to work!) with a free baker's dozen of bagels this weekend. If you count, there aren't 13 - I've already eaten 2. It isn't worth being skinny if I have to give up carbs, in my humble opinion. Into the freezer with you, my little darlings!

Here's what we will be eating this week:


Monday - PB&J on wheat bread, apple slices, broccoli with ranch dressing

Tuesday - Leftover spaghetti, baby carrots, applesauce

Wednesday - Turkey sandwich, apple slices, chips

Thursday - Leftover chicken spaghetti, apple slices, broccoli with ranch dressing

Friday - Turkey sandwich, string cheese, applesauce


Monday - Spaghetti & garlic bread

Tuesday - Friendship casserole

Wednesday - Chicken spaghetti

Thursday - n/a (we eat out on bowling league night)

Friday - Chicken taco soup

Need some more ideas for meals? Check out the Menu Plan Monday section on I'm an Organizing Junkie, where hundreds of other bloggers link up and share what their families will be eating each week.

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  1. Yum, chicken spaghetti! Hope you have a great week.