Friday, April 1, 2011

Road Trip!

Man, there are few thing Mr. Make It Happen and I love more than a good ol' road trip! Unfortunately, he doesn't get to come on this one, since he is still teaching Saturday School in preparation for TAKS (Fellow Texans, please vote: Do you think standardized testing will be less stressful, more stressful, or about the same once the new STARS test rolls out?). So the Monkey Boy and I are hitching a ride with another dance family. Did I mention they have two dancers, both girls, one 6 and one 5? Oh, yes, this is going to be an awesome trip to San Antonio, and I may finally be able to answer the age-old question: When equally matched (3 adults vs. 3 small people), who will come out psychologically on top after being in a vehicle together for 5 or so hours? Hmmm...definitely something to ponder!

I'm almost packed (which is good, considering I need to leave the house in T-40 minutes to pick up Monkey and head up to meet our ride at their house) and the haul includes 3 bags of dance costumes & gear (Highland is a high-maintenance sport!), 1 overnight bag, 1 in-car entertainment bag (coloring books & markers & DVDs & magazines & iPods, oh my!), 3 camping chairs, and 1 stuffed-to-the-brim snacks & drinks bag. I believe in overpacking, even if the trip is less than two days - we have a performance in Dallas Sunday afternoon for Tartan Day, so a full weekend was not an option! Personally, I am looking forward to plugging in my iPod, opening up a trashy magazine, leaning back, relaxing, and NOT DRIVING!!! Wish us luck :-D

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