Sunday, December 19, 2010

Two Weeks of Monkey

My personal blogging goal for the next two weeks is to write a little something about Monkey Boy every day. I thought it would be the perfect time, since we are all home from school for the next two weeks, there are holidays & special events coming up, etc. Really, I just need a little list to read when we have those inevitable days when it seems like Monkey is doing everything he can to drive us crazy!

A word that's been coming up frequently in our household recently has been mivic. What's mivic, you say? You've never heard it used in conversation? That's probably because you haven't played Upwords with our 5-year-old yet. The game had been rolling right along, and I played the word "civic".

"Hmmmm...." said Monkey, half thinking, half conversationally. "That is an interesting word, Mommy! I think I can make it better." With that, he placed an "M" on top of my first "C".

"Mivic?" queried Daddy. "What on Earth is mivic?"

Monkey looked up at his father with a surprised expression on his face. "You mean you've never heard of mivic?!?! Mivic," he said, his eyebrows starting to raise and lower repeatedly in that adorable way he does, "is when there is really dark water with sharks in it. Then there are mermaids swimming up at the top and they are spanking the sharks." The hand motions to go along with this story are truly indescribable, so please believe me when I say by this point my husband and I were both doubled over laughing with tears in our eyes.

When we finally stopped laughing, Daddy turned to me, wiping his eyes, and said, "He really had me until the spanking part!"

This is my impression of what mivic looks like, but Monkey just informed me that my mental picture is apparently incorrect, as mivic should be a dark gray color. Good to know!

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