Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Big Boy Kilt Time!

This has been an exciting week of firsts for Monkey Boy. Yesterday, December 28, was one of his grandma's birthday. Monkey chose to celebrate by losing his first tooth (at 5 1/2!!!) and his package from "Santa" (aka grandpa and grandma) arrived, containing the new-to-him kilt, which also happens to be his first "big boy" (i.e. full dancer's) kilt. I would be a little overwhelmed by the gravity of these events, but now he is dancing around the living room in his underpants with his Pillow Pet Bee, so all seems to be as usual on the homefront after all!

Here's what we're looking at, mouth-wise:

It's not a super-impressive hole, since the adult tooth has been pushing up under/behind it for about three weeks now, but Monkey seems to be enjoying it.

Now, for the kilt comparisons. First, the kilt that I made for Monkey almost exactly a year ago:

Already getting a little short in this picture, which was taken a few months ago. Beginner dancers mostly wear white socks (because matching kilt hose are expensive), but boys have the option of wearing plain hose "toning to kilt", while girls can only wear white. Of course, Monkey wanted red hose, but we were having a devil of a time finding them in his size! Shortly after this picture was taken, though, we finally found red socks, so he began wearing those with the kilt:

Now, thanks to "Santa", Monkey has a brand new kilt and matching hose to wear in 2011! The best part is that it has lots of room for growth and a second pair of longer hose to trade out for when he sprouts up again. Hooray! I haven't yet hemmed it, so please excuse the extra length in this photo:

Bit of a difference, no?

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