Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Bapron, My Bapron

Have you made a bapron? That's right, you heard me right - a bapron. Check out the tutorial at Craftiness is Not Optional, one of the many wonderful blogs I love to follow. Super-cute, no? You may already know that my sister recently announced she's expecting baby #4. Plus her best friend is expecting baby #3. Plus what seems like about two dozen of my friends & colleagues are pregnant with their first babies currently - talk about a baby boom! And what accompanies a baby boom? A bumper crop of baby showers, of course! So what's a thrifty, crafty girl to do but to comb her favorite blogs for a unique, homemade baby gift?

I didn't take any in-progress shots, since the beautiful tutorial covers all the steps in great detail, but I did want to share the results of my endeavors. I think they turned out pretty darn cute, especially considering the material is taken from scrap I had sitting in my fabric stash. I like how they turned out with fuzzy material on one side and cotton on the other. What do you think?

 Side 1 of Bapron 1 - purple satin from upcycled pajama pants

 Side 2 of Bapron 1 - pink & white candy striped flannel
The trim is green cotton with white polka-dots - I was surprised how easy it was to make the bias tape!

 Side 1 of Bapron 2 - fuzzy white "Songbirds" polyester, left over from making scarves for Christmas presents

 Side 2 of Bapron 2 - Pink & white "fleur" cotton print - recognize that from my new bedroom curtains?
The trim is white-printed black cotton left over from the Strawberry Tart Apron

 Side 1 of Bapron 3 - some random plaid flannel that found its way into my fabric stash
 Side 2 of Bapron 3 - left over from the sunflower quilt that took (literally) a decade to piece - more on that later ;-)
 Trim on this one was an autumn-print beige cotton used to put together a muslin for a dance costume last year

I enjoyed making these baprons so much! I took them to work today to show off to a coworker who knows the intended recipient of this set and she loved them so much, she asked me to make some for *her* pregnant sister! Must be something in the water, huh? I'm thinking of making a baprons folder on my Pinterest account so I can get some inspiration from cute baprons other creative crafters have made. Do you have one you want to share?

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