Saturday, January 15, 2011

Weekends & Callings

Just for the record, I should not be blogging right now. I should be getting together my and Monkey Boy's dance bags so we can leave for class & rehearsals as soon as the menfolk get home from their pancake breakfast. But, oh well. It's Saturday morning and our apartment is a mess. Surprise, surprise, I know. It is nice to think, though, that we have a 3-ish day weekend to get things together. All three of our school districts have Monday off for MLK Jr. Day, and my district has a teacher work day on Tuesday, so while I will be going in to get some paperwork done, I also plan to get household errands done that day. I want to have a freeze-ahead cooking day at some point this weekend. I'm not entirely sure on the menu, other than the fact that I have been craving enchiladas for a couple weeks. Mmmm, enchiladas that I don't have to prepare the night that I eat them....yum!

Now, let me start this musing by saying: I love my day job. Being a music therapist combines so many of my skills and interests and I can't imagine a better Real Adult Job. However, I had an interesting conversation with my husband last week about my activities in Highland Dancing. He is still new to the art form, and is learning more at every dance competition and performance he attends, but I will admit that the poor man is subject to HOURS of one-sided ramblings a week about the various aspects of teaching classes and dancing myself. We are currently working on developing a competitive program in addition to the strong recreational program, and that in itself can engross me for a spell of a good 2-3 days. The question he posed to me was this: If I am most happy when I am teaching Highland Dancing, why have I not figured out how to turn that into my primary professional commitment? In other words, how can I parlay this 20+ year love and dedication into an activity that brings in a percentage of our gross income reasonably equal to the amount of hours I put into it per week? I don't have the answers, at this point, but I sure appreciate him asking the questions. It's certainly got me thinking.

Now, off to dance class! :-)

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