Monday, August 23, 2010

This Is It, Kid!

I just returned from dropping Monkey off at Kindergarten. Dropping off might be too loose of a term - it was more like I walked in with him clinging to my leg and hand like a spider monkey. He actually wanted "up" (the preferred mode of transportation when freaked out or sleepy), but I reminded him that Big Boys in Kindergarten don't have "up" outside of their homes.

Surprisingly, I didn't cry. Not surprisingly, he did. After three hugs and multipl
e kisses, I had to just stand up, say goodbye, and walk out of the room without looking back, the sound of my baby crying, "Maaaaaaameeeeeee!!!" in my ears. The walk into the building had been noisy, with parents giving pep talks to freaked-out looking little people. On the way out, it was silent, each mommy and daddy lost in his/her own thoughts. Here were some of the things going through my mind...

First Kindergarten lunch - Lunchables, salad w
ith Ranch, apple slices and apple juice. The first day of school Lunchable is a tradition dating back to my childhood.

Walking to school. 7:20 am when we left and it was already 90 degrees! Estimated high for today is 105. Sure am glad I put that water bottle in his backpack for recess. And yes, that WAS the smallest backpack we could find!

The calm before the storm: Monkey doing his morning work, still blissfully unaware for a few more minutes that, yes, Mommy really was going to leave him in this classroom where he doesn't know anyone. You'd think a kid who's been in preschool for two years would be the calmest one in the class, but apparently not.

Finally, of course, I have to think back to Aug
ust 2005, when my sweet boy really was a baby, and remember how perfect he looked in his Daddy's strong arms. Time flies when you're living life.

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