Sunday, May 23, 2010

Unexpected Grace

As our school year winds down (9 days left in my school district, 8 in my husband's) and Monkey Boy prepares to take off to visit his grandparents for the beginning of summer vacation, I find myself yearning for the warm, lazy days of summer. Oh, to lounge by the pool on a beach towel, cold drink in hand and magazine in front of me. Then I snap myself back to reality and realize there may not be all that much lounging to be had this summer, despite the temporary lack of mommy responsibilities!

Well, nonetheless, I'm looking forward to the change in work seasons. School all day, every weekday, becomes a mere six weeks of Monday through Thursday half days. As I always say in regards to my most difficult kiddos, it's amazing what you can put up with for 30 minutes, and during the summer sometimes it's more like 15 minutes! I also get to work a few weeks in the afternoon out in another, larger district, working with another music therapist I only get to collaborate with during the summer. It's a chance to work with different kids, different staff, have fun, try out new interventions, and make a little side money. Definitely worth it! On top of that, I have my homebound clients, and who knows what other contracts the summer will bring? 'Tis the season to experiment with different populations in various settings!

So those are the real-job gigs. Then there is the dancing In addition to teaching my beloved adult class at the rec center this summer, I will be taking classes myself at another studio, as well as helping my instructor study for her teacher's exam (I took it myself back in '99) and possibly guest-teaching some classes for the high school & adult dancers. My instructor is bringing in a guest teacher for a workshop in June (a weekend of dancing, 6 hours Saturday and 6 hours Sunday - can my old legs handle it?!?!) and we already have a couple performances scheduled. Dancing is one of those things that pays you back exponentially - however hard you work, whatever you put into it, you will get back more!

And then, the unexpected Grace. A play on words, based on the name of my church, Grace Lutheran, of course. I have been asked to assist with a new, Wednesday night worship program that our pastor is starting up this summer. It will be outside, Grace on the Lawn, and I will be playing guitar and singing with the praise team. Honestly, I'm a little apprehensive. My first response was, "Hmmm...isn't leading worship for the ADULT-adults?" Yes, I know, I will be 30 next year...time to face the fact that I AM one of the adults! Beyond that, I'm just not sure that I'm *cool* enough to play in a band. So. Here's me, admitting fear and still committing to trying something new. I'll keep you posted on my progress with that.

What are your plans for the summer?

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