Monday, February 15, 2010

Who is a Make It Happen Mama?

Who, you may ask, is a Make It Happen Mama? Well, you might be, actually. Or you may just want to be one, like me. So let's talk about what being a Make It Happen Mama (or MIHM) is all about:

A Make It Happen Mama realizes she cannot control everything around her and does not stress about the things beyond her control. What a MIHM can control, however, she endeavors to do to the best of her ability. She is excited to learn new ways of doing things that save her time, money and energy. A MIHM sets realistic goals for herself and break these goals into measurable objectives to keep her motivated along the way to self-improvement. She does not feel guilty taking time for herself, whether that consists of working out, reading a book, spending time with girlfriends or taking a bubble bath. A MIHM takes care of herself physically, mentally, spiritually and socially. She is not afraid to say no to others in order to keep her life in balance. A MIHM not only takes care of her family but teaches them how to take care of themselves. She takes pride in the successes of her friends and family members and always keeps a positive attitude.

So, obviously, talking about being a Make It Happen Mama is much easier than actually being one. Am I a perfect, well-balanced career woman/wife/mother who keeps everything balanced and in perspective 24/7 and never lets you see her sweat? No, absolutely not, and if you don't believe me, just ask my husband ;-) Everything in life is a continuous process, and I am no exception.

What other characteristics do you think are an important part of being a Make It Happen Mama?

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