Sunday, October 16, 2011

Let It Out, Yes?

See this?

This is what remains of three Value Village t-shirts which have recently undergone an upcycling adventure to become two darling skirts for my sister. Now, before you start thinking what a wonderful baby sister I am, I must admit: she bribed/bartered with me for these skirts using (mmmmm!) homemade applesauce. The kind with chunks, not super-pureed. Just how I like it. Yes, a lot of love went into these two skirts in anticipation of the applesauce. This is why bribery by siblings works - they know your weaknesses!

So I am running into a problem which I'm sure is common for many of you - I have SO MANY ideas(!!!) and not enough "free" time to actually carry them out.'s important, you know? To take these things out of your brain and put them into the world, to take the time off from everything that *has* to be done and to create just for the sake of creating. Necessary? No. The world will keep spinning without creation and art. I'm just not sure that I'd want to be part of that world.

What have y'all been working on lately?

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