Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Get It Out & Get Back On Task!

Some random thoughts gathered from the depths of my brain while working from home this morning:

1) Hummus tastes really good on scrambled eggs. Especially Trader Joe's hummus. Who knew?

2) Varnish takes a reeeeeally long time to dry. Or maybe it's just 'cause I'm impatient to finish this project so I can take it to work and tell y'all about it! Aargh!

ps: This is not the brand I am using, but don't you *love* that it's called "Extreme"(!!!) varnish? LOL

3) This is my 101st blog post! I had no idea - thanks, Blogspot, for letting me know :-)

4) So, most of my adult life I've thought that I totally hate clothing, but I'm coming to realize that I only hate clothing in other parts of the country. In Portland, where the status quo is sort of a relaxed, hippie-ish, organic cotton vibe, getting dressed for work is becoming far less irritating. It also is involving more skirts, leggings, and upcycling stodgy old pieces of clothing. Yay!

5) I've discovered the *perfect* Christmas gift for all of my (local) friends on Pinterest! Here's your hint - the packaging will look somewhat like the picture below. Speaking of, I'm addicted to Pinterest - et tu?

6) While my DFW friends are sharing stories of shorts and air conditioning, I got to wear a sweater to work yesterday. I'd forgotten how much I *love* wearing cozy, comfy sweaters and feeling the crisp Fall air in the Pacific Northwest on my face - yes!

Okay, then, all random thoughts out of my head and into the blogosphere. Let's get back to work!

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