Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sooo...How You Been?

I know we haven't talked in a while. If it makes you feel better, I've been neglecting my flesh & blood friends, as well. I'm sitting here enjoying some silence (well, minus the air conditioning unit outside my window) while Husband and Monkey Boy are doing the weekly grocery run. They volunteered. Score! I am torn as to my opinion of their return, though: On one hand, I enjoy the silence. On the other hand, I have chai and no soy milk, so they really are necessary for me to have my morning tea! Of course, once they are back, there will be no silence in which to enjoy my tea. Sort of a Catch 22...

I'm also installing the software for my new phone. After 3 years with my last, cute little phone (I have issues with change, clearly) it started acting funky a couple months ago, so after much thought and research I ended up getting a BlackBerry Torch. Ah, yes, my first smart phone! And yes, I realized I'm a little behind the times, but that's cool. Te
chnology is much more exciting to me when it's a personal accomplishment, not the trendy thing to do.

So here is Hint #1 for the big changes that are coming: The smart phone will be very useful for me professionally.

I will end this morning with a favorite quotation shared with me by a college professor back in the day (more than a decade ago now - man, I feel old! LOL):

...and we can just consider that Hint #2 ;-)


  1. Hey Mama! I sent you some blog lovin'!!

  2. read your comment on my wife's vita merfen page ( and wanted to let you know we're trying to find a way for my brother to take orders (he lives in Switzerland) and ship them over here...